Swiss National Bank

Reach and use


In 2020, 1,630 economics and humanities teachers at upper secondary level – around 39% of the target audience of some 4,200 – made active use of the iconomix web platform. This is six percentage points more than the previous year. This marked increase is probably primarily the result of distance teaching and learning while schools were closed in spring

The number of active users is the basis for measuring the reach. Iconomix defines active users as teachers at upper secondary level who are registered at and log onto the platform at least once in a calendar year. All the associated data are collected by the SNB and are to be understood as approximations.

Intensity of use

Just over 15% of the teachers of economics and the humanities at Swiss upper secondary schools logged onto five times or more in 2020. According to our categorisation, they thereby belong to the group of power-users. Put differently, nearly two-fifths of the teachers at upper secondary level who actively use iconomix qualified as power-users. The power-user figure serves as an indicator of the intensity with which is used.

User map

The interactive user map shows schools and the number of users there who logged on at least once in 2020.

Markers with the iconomix logo stand for individual schools; blue markers conflate several schools in close vicinity to one another (click to zoom in).

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