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Economics in the classroom

Economics in the classroom

Iconomix is an educational programme developed by the Swiss National Bank (SNB). It is aimed at teachers of economics and humanities at Swiss upper secondary schools.

Designed for use in conjunction with existing economics teaching resources, iconomix offers specialised teaching material that is reviewed and updated on a regular basis.

The contents are freely accessible and use is free of charge, though certain functions and services are only available to registered teaching staff. Iconomix is available in full in German, French and Italian, and partially in English.

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Public goods

Market failure

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On the subject of energy transition

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Are you looking for relevant sources on economics-related matters? The hub provides a choice selection of the most useful sources from beyond the world of iconomix, organised into news, multimedia and background information.

The links have been selected by the iconomix team and are regularly updated.

The hub is currently only available in German, French and Italian, however many of the links will take you to content in other languages.


Economic trends winter 2019/2020

Bild "Konjunkturtendenzen"

The latest edition of «Economic Trends» is available. It is based on the SECO publication of the same name. The topics covered are the current economic situation and the forecast for economic developments in Switzerland based on assumptions about the global economy. The key messages at the moment are that the economic slowdown is being confirmed in Switzerland, and that the outlook is cautiously optimistic thanks in part to exceptional effects stemming from international sporting events.

Economic trends winter 2019/2020

Start a business

Entrepreneurship is a key to innovation and job creation. The new German-language module «Start a business» focuses on developing a business idea. The module is based on a flipped classroom approach. A multimedia app is used to prepare and rework the lessons.

Module: «Start a business»

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History of Social Security

The Federal Social Insurance Office celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2013. On this occasion, it set up the «History of Social Security» platform. Find out more!

History of Social Security

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