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Economics in the classroom

Economics in the classroom

Iconomix is an educational programme developed by the Swiss National Bank (SNB). It offers teaching material for economics that can be downloaded or ordered for free.

The programme is aimed at teachers of economics and humanities in Swiss upper secondary schools.

Designed for use in conjunction with existing teaching tools, iconomix offers specialised teaching material that is reviewed and updated on a regular basis.

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Common pool resources


Market and price formation



«Excel simulation»

Public goods

«Market failure»

Monetary policy

«MOPOS simulation»

ETH Lausanne


Concerning the energy transition

Top earners

«Salaries at management level»


Weekly suggestions and food for thought

The internet has gems to offer – and new ones are added by the day. The iconomix blog helps you keep abreast. Each week, we compile material for you from a great variety of sources and present it in this blog.

Besides such ‘gems’, our blog also features contributions that take an in-depth look at specific economic topics and provide relevant background and contextual information.

The blog is currently only available in German and French.


Are you looking for relevant sources on economics-related matters? The hub provides a choice selection of the most useful sources from beyond the world of iconomix, organised into news, multimedia and background information.

The links have been selected by the iconomix team and are regularly updated.

The hub is currently only available in German, French and Italian, however many of the links will take you to content in other languages.


Global Money Week 2019

As part of the «Global Money Week», millions of children and young people all over the world engage in money-related topics. This year's edition will take place between the 25th and the 31st of March 2019.

Global Money Week

Revised: Common pool resources

A new check sheet for teachers of the «fish pond» group game is now online.

Revised: Common pool resources

SNB Quarterly Bulletin Study

Iconomix introduces itself in the current edition of the SNB Quarterly Bulletin Studies and provides information on how teachers and students experience iconomix in everyday school life.

SNB Quarterly Bulletin Study

18/19 iconomix catalogue

Our new catalogue is available in German, French and Italian and offers insights into what we have to offer. You can order the German version here:

iconomix catalogue

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