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Iconomix, the Swiss National Bank’s educational programme, provides up-to-date teaching units for teachers of economics. By offering this service, we promote economic literacy and equal opportunities.

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Around 1,700 upper secondary school
teachers actively use Iconomix resources
to teach economics and social studies.

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Your benefits with Iconomix


Iconomix develops didactically enhanced teaching units tailored to the Swiss education system.


Iconomix topics and educational examples are true to life and continuously adapted to current developments.


Iconomix enables activity-oriented teaching that harnesses the potential of playful, multimedial learning.


Iconomix contributes to the digital transformation of schools at the level of both preparing and teaching.


All Iconomix teaching units are based on sound economic and educational principles, and have been tested in the classroom as well as reviewed by external experts.


Iconomix is the most frequently used supplementary programme for teaching economics at Swiss baccalaureate and vocational schools.

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From the Iconomix editorial team

We bring you Iconomix news and recommend articles and offerings from our partners as well as from leading experts in the fields of economics and education.

Recommended media content

A monetary and fiscal history of the United States

Alan S. Blinder is one of the most influential economists of today. His research focuses mainly on monetary policy and central banking.

In an IMF podcast, Blinder gives a fascinating overview of the conflicts and collaborations of US fiscal and monetary policy and how they shaped the US economy since the 1960s.

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Demographic change unit: simulating population development

How do you convey content that is difficult to grasp? The unit on demographic change shows a way of addressing this important but abstract topic in the classroom.

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Recommended media content

Is Globalisation at its End?

Deglobalisation is the process of reducing global economic integration. Recently, events such as the Covid-19 pandemic or the Ukraine war have accelerated this trend. A video by KOF ETH asks: Is globalisation at its end?

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Cooperation with MobLab

Iconomix is now cooperating with MobLab, an educational platform with games and experiments for teaching economic concepts. Teachers who are registered with Iconomix can use 17 games and experiments for free.

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Units: news and updates

Economic trends winter 2022/2023

The latest edition of the forecast of economic trends, based on the ‘Konjunkturtendenzen’/‘Tendances conjoncturelles’ publication, is available.


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Recommended media content

Will inflation remain high?

What are the main causes for the current high inflation? And how long will it remain so high? An article in the IMF-magazine Finance & Developement sums up the current situation and looks ahead.

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Seven things you need to know about Iconomix

Economic and financial literacy is a fundamental life skill for finding one's way in today's complex world. Iconomix makes a valuable contribution to this by providing mostly experience-oriented teaching and learning materials. The following provides answers to two pertinent questions: Why and how?

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The news section of Iconomix

Iconomix is now launching the news section in English. Here we will inform you about the latest news at Iconomix and about offers from our partners.

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Units: news and updates

Monetary policy unit: Knowledge sheet replaces MOPOS

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures: In the aftermath of the 2007/2008 financial crisis, monetary policy changed substantially – not just in Switzerland but worldwide. How can the functioning of today’s monetary policy be described in a way that captures these changes? A new Iconomix knowledge sheet provides an answer.

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