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You’d like to use the iconomix resources more often and more efficiently? A selection of workshops are available to help you get started and give you some hands-on advice on how to use iconomix in class.


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The complete iconomix package is available in both French and German; an abbreviated version is available in English and Italian.


«Attractive, original. Makes you want to know more.»

Thomas Leu, teacher

«The best thing about iconomix is that it offers interesting and attractive teaching units, which allow economic content to be conveyed in a different, more fun way.»

Jean-Christophe Gindrat, teacher

«I can use the teaching units in the classroom just as they are.»

Marc Gilomen, teacher

«I would like to thank the SNB for this excellent free programme.»

Workshop participant, teacher

«Games make learning so much fun.»

Monica Glauser, teacher

«A great, well-structured, easy-to-understand and appealing product.»

Fred Greule, media didactics instructor

«A very appealing and diverse website. Great for teaching economics in class.»

Ulrich Illigen, teacher

«Give it a go and see for yourself.»

Teacher, PHTG (Thurgau teacher training college), Kreuzlingen

«I really like the idea of problem-solving and action-oriented learning.»

Participant, iconomix symposium Zurich

«It’s fantastic how topical the content is.»

Teacher, BM (professional vocational school), Winterthur


Recommended teaching resources


Common pool resources

What do global warming and endangered species have to do with property rights?


Market and price formation

A practice-oriented, easy-to-remember introduction on how markets work.


Top earners

Students take on the role of members of a board of directors and try to employ the best managers available. They discover how salaries at management level are determined and how they are influenced.