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Learning unit Demography

Excel simulation

Demographic change

Why the Swiss population is ageing – and what this means for this country.

Updated on 02.02.2023

Latest change:


Excel simulation and worksheets extended and updated. Commentary for teachers rewritten from scratch.


The unit shows a way of addressing the important but abstract topic of demographic change in the classroom.

  • Worksheet 1 serves as an introduction to the topic. It builds on what students know as well as familiarising them with basic concepts.
  • Worksheet 2 builds on Worksheet 1, introducing students to the Excel simulation and providing guidelines for working on more advanced questions.
  • Evaluation of and reflection on the answers takes place in the whole group.

Learning objectives

Competence-oriented learning goals: see commentary for teachers


Excel simulation

The Excel simulation allows students to test how factors such as life expectancy or immigration influence population distribution. The necessary explanations can be found in the Excel simulation itself.


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Worksheet 1

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Worksheet 2

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Sample answers Worksheet 1


Sample answers Worksheet 2



Background information: Presentation ‘Switzerland’s ageing population’

Author: Raymond Kohli, Swiss Federal Statistical Office (SFSO). Design: Iconomix, using the visualisation tool Genial.ly.

Video tutorial

Video tutorial on setting up unit page and Excel simulation

Additional information



Population pyramids: Powerful predictors of the future

Credits – Demographic change

Iconomix, in cooperation with Swiss Federal Statistical Office (SFSO)

Excel simulation, presentation ‘Switzerland’s ageing population’ and technical advice:
Raymond Kohli, Swiss Federal Statistical Office (SFSO)

Expert advice:
Prof. Philippe Wanner, University of Geneva

Translation of simulation and presentation:
Swiss Federal Statistical Office (SFSO)

Translation & proofreading:
SNB Language Services

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