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Educational concept

The educational concept behind iconomix is based on the principle of active problem-based learning. The latter is in turn based on three phases in the learning process: engaging with the material, discussing and reflecting, and practising and applying.

Active problem-based learning 
Many of the teaching units are structured as learning environments in which students gather experience through experimentation. Thanks to this active learning process, students learn not only facts but also – and above all – the skills needed to apply them.

In the interests of providing a variety of learning experiences, the predominantly inductive concept of active learning is deliberately not applied across the board. Some of the learning units take a classical deductive approach. This entails assimilating knowledge obtained from a specialist text, for example, and putting it into practice through exercises and transfer tasks.

Three-phase model 
All the problem-based iconomix units are structured according to the three-phase model shown in the following table.

  1. Engage with the material
    • Action-oriented introduction (game, simulation, case study, etc.)
    • Create a common experiential basis
    • Make active use of existing knowledge

  2. Discuss and reflect
    • Verbalise and reflect on experiences acquired
    • Learn from experts and fellow students
    • Acquire new knowledge

  3. Practise and apply
    • Practise to reinforce skills
    • Work on advanced questions to adapt skills

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