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Economic trends

Worksheet with integrated advanced text

Economic trends, winter 2023/2024

Growth expected to be below average in 2024, but should pick up in 2025


In this module, Iconomix provides a brief summary of the SECO publication ‘Konjunkturtendenzen’/‘Tendances conjoncturelles’ (economic trends) and the SECO press release.

  • The advanced text is integrated in the worksheet.
  • Alongside questions testing understanding of the subject matter, there are individual advanced questions that go beyond the advanced text and encourage further thought.
  • The following resources are also available:
    • Slide set with all charts and tables from the SECO publication
    • Dataset (Excel) with facts and figures on the economy
    • The individual components can be combined in different ways depending on the level of the audience.

Worksheet with integrated advanced text

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Economic trends, winter 2023/2024

  • Global: lacklustre momentum
  • Switzerland: moderate GDP growth in Q3 2023
  • Forecast: outlook remains subdued
  • Risks: The main risk is a more pronounced economic slowdown abroad.
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Sample answers Economic trends, winter 2023/2024



Economic developments: Charts (slide set)

Slide set with all charts and tables from the ‘Economic trends’ publication. (only available in German)
Published by SECO

Economic developments: Time series (Excel)

Excel file with quarterly data for Switzerland on GDP (expenditure method), the labour market, prices, exchange rates and construction since 1980. The sources are listed in the file.
Published by: BAK Economics AG on behalf of Iconomix.

Economic forecasts: Background knowledge (slide set)

Set of slides on how economic forecasts are made and used. (only available in German)
Author: Aymo Brunetti, University of Bern

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Credits – Economic trends, winter 2023/2024


Worksheet with integrated advanced text:
Iconomix, on the basis of the quarterly SECO press release and the SECO publication entitled ‘Konjunkturtendenzen’/‘Tendances conjoncturelles’

Charts (slide set):
Graphs and tables from the quarterly SECO publication entitled ‘Konjunkturtendenzen’/‘Tendances conjoncturelles’

Time series (Excel):
BAK Economics AG on behalf of Iconomix

Set of slides on how economic forecasts are made and used:
Professor Aymo Brunetti, textbook author and professor of economics at the University of Bern

Didactics consultant: Juliette Merath, Certified economics teacher, KV Zurich

Translation & proofreading:
SNB Language Services

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