New unit «Old-age pension provision»: Concepts, challenges and possible solutions

Few topics cause as much unease among young adults in Switzerland as pension provision and security in old age.

The new Iconomix-unit «Old-age pension provision» teaches the basics of OASI, occupational pensions and the challenges of the Swiss pension system.

The new teaching unit comprises three factsheets, each of which is supplemented with a set of application-orientated tasks.

The first factsheet deals with the objectives and functioning of the OASI, while the second explains the most important aspects of the occupational pension.

The last factsheet is dedicated to the future of old-age provision, the associated challenges and possible solutions. There are further links and videos for each factsheet.

The unit «Old-age pension provision» is suitable for LCS as well as an introduction at baccalaureate schools.

Unit «Old-age pension provision»

The unit conveys the concepts, challenges and solutions of old-age pension provision. The three factsheets on OASI, occupational pension and the future of old-age provision each contain a set of application-orientated tasks.