Cooperation with MobLab

Iconomix is now cooperating with MobLab, an educational platform with online games and experiments for teaching economic concepts. Teachers who are registered with Iconomix can use 17 games and experiments for free.

What is MobLab

MobLab is a US educational platform with games and experiments for the classroom. Students experience abstract theories and concepts through experimentation. Students simply log in to the platform via their own device or download the MobLab app.

What advantages does MobLab offer?

Teachers can personalise the MobLab games and experiments via the settings and thus tailor them to their lessons. The game results and evaluations are available in real time, hence offering an immediate overview of the learning progress of students.

How do MobLab and Iconomix complement each other?

The MobLab games are freely accessible for teachers with an Iconomix login. There are 17 games and experiments on various economic topics and issues. An overview of the 17 games including a short description of each can be found here.

A concrete use case is the MobLab online experiment "Competitive Market Game", which we recommend in combination with the module "Market and price formation". A video tutorial explaining its use in class is available on the webpage of the module "Market and price formation".

How can MobLab be accessed?

Registered teachers can log in directly on the MobLab login website using their Iconomix login details. All you have to do is click on the Iconomix logo, if you have not yet logged in to Iconomix enter your Iconomix login details, and then select "Allow access". 

The video below illustrates the login process in detail.


Try it out right away!


Login MobLab

Working with MobLab
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