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Economic trends

Economic trends

Knowledge sheet with assignment

A quarterly reassessment of economic developments.

The topics covered are the current economic situation and the forecast for economic developments in Switzerland based on assumptions about the global economy.

  • Published on a quarterly basis in sync with the corresponding SECO publication (‘Konjunkturtendenzen’/‘Tendances conjoncturelles’).
  • Each issue comprises the following package:
    • A summary of the SECO publication prepared by iconomix (covering the global and Swiss economies, forecast developments and risks)
    • Worksheet
    • Slide set (PDF) with all charts and tables from the SECO publication
    • Dataset (Excel) with facts and figures on the economy
  • The individual components can be combined in different ways depending on the level of the audience.

Next issue:
Economic trends, summer 2020: July 2020

What is the impact of coronavirus on the economy? The current report on economic trends in German and French, provides answers.

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Economic trends, winter 2019/2020

Adverse international environment

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