Swiss National Bank


Iconomix is managed by a small team of SNB staff members in Zurich and Lausanne. The core iconomix team comprises six employees (3.3 full-time equivalents, 0.5 of which in a managerial capacity) as well as, on average, two interns.

Further information is available in the Credits.

Manuel Wälti, Dr. rer. oec

Julia Erdin, lic. rel. int.
Responsible for German-speaking Switzerland

Sébastien Bétrisey, lic. rer. pol.
Responsible for French-speaking and Italian-speaking Switzerland

Sibylle Brodbeck

Assistant / Back Office

Bettina Mazenauer

Publishing and Support

Lorenz Saladin

Webmaster and Support

Leonardo Regazzoni, M.A. in International Economic Policy


Daniela Waser, BSc in Economics


Patrick Stöckli, MSc in Economics