Team and interns

Iconomix is an economics education programme run by a small team of SNB staff members in Zurich and Lausanne. The core Iconomix team comprises six regular employees and, as a rule, two university interns.

«Iconomix is an idea supported and shaped by countless people.»

Manuel Wälti
Head of Iconomix

«Iconomix takes a playful, interactive approach that speaks to the everyday experience of students.»

Julia Erdin
Iconomix German-speaking Switzerland

«Students are individuals, not a homogeneous mass.
The goal of Iconomix is to motivate them.»

Sébastien Bétrisey
Iconomix French-speaking and Italian-speaking Switzerland

«The many contacts with partners and specialists are both a challenge and an inspiration.»

Sibylle Brodbeck
Administration and back office

«The thematic diversity shows how important economics is and all the contexts in which it takes place.»

Bettina Mazenauer
Publishing and Support

«If you understand basic economic principles it helps you recognise many relationships.»

Lorenz Saladin
Webmaster and Support

«When what you’ve learned becomes your experience, you never forget it. That’s the idea Iconomix is built on.»

Patrick Stöckli
University intern