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Top earners

Top earners

Educational game – Salaries at management level

This unit deals with the framework conditions that lead to high management salaries.

  • Students are split into five groups that play against each other. The game is played with the whole class.
  • The associated teaching resources are also aimed at the class as a whole.
  • A projector is required for the game.

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Other languages
German, Italian
Lesson duration
1–2 lessons

Experiment, labour income, labour market, leverage, market value, salaries at management level, winner-takes-all


iconomix, in cooperation with

Alexander W. Hunziker

Design of printed material
clearbrand gmbh, Zurich

Translation & proofreading
SNB Language Services

Use in class – Using educational games (PDF, 43 KB)
Author Alexander W. Hunziker provides tips from his own experience on implementing experiments and games in the classroom.


Information for teachers
Information for teachers
Slides for teachers
Slides for teachers
Form for teachers
Form for teachers
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