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Common pool resources

This module deals with common pool resources and the problem of overuse of freely accessible resources. Through their own actions during the course of a game, students experience at first hand the major incentives inherent in common pool resources. The game also involves finding solutions for the tragedy of the commons phenomenon. Environmental problems, such as global warming, serve as good examples.



In this game, students are asked to fish in a pond with limited capacity. The masks for the game can be downloaded as a PDF (239 KB) or ordered using the link below.

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02 September 2011
iconomix uses a range of teaching methods.
iconomix provides teaching materials for immediate use in the classroom (elements) as well as comprehensive training packages (modules).
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List of terms that appear in the teaching materials or respectively to be treated.
Anonymity, Common pool resources, Economic types of goods, Environmental problems, Externalities, Free riding, Incentives, Internalisation, Market failure, Overuse, Private goods, Public goods, Role of the state, Scarcity of resources, Social norms, The common good, Tragedy of the commons



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Ronald Heinen
09 September 2012, 17:09
Environment Science for High-Schools in the EU

Everyone has to be aware all earth resources are limited. If money will keep its role in the future, also money has to be a limited resource. On background information of an interdisciplinary environment science course for high-schools in the EU can be found. It includes theory and experiments, eg. on photo's of used equipment can be found.

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Authors and consultants

  • Sharon Bochsler, University of St. Gallen (knowledge sheet)
  • Petra Gerlach, SNB (review of content)

Educational consulting

  • Markus Ulrich, UCS Ulrich Creative Simulations GmbH
  • Roman Capaul, University of St. Gallen
  • Beatrix Winistörfer-Hafen, Environmental Education, Hochschule Wädenswil

Trial runs in class (pre-testing)

  • Marrit Brehm, Gymnasium Neufeld Bern
  • Jean-Christophe Gindrat, ESC Saint-Imier
  • Solange Horvath, Kantonale Fachmittelschule Biel
  • Christoph Koenig, Kantonsschule Wil
  • Thomas Leu, KV Business School Zürich
  • Florian Schmid, TBS Zürich
  • Bernhard Waxenberger, KS am Brühl St. Gallen

Design of printed material

Translation & proofreading

  • SNB Language Services

Game development

Design of game masks

Production of game masks