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Monetary policy

This module deals with monetary policy, the core task of a central bank. The major goals of modern central banks, the significance of the monetary policy instrument and the most important monetary policy effects are conveyed to the students in a fun way.



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09 November 2015
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iconomix uses a range of teaching methods.
Role play
iconomix provides teaching materials for immediate use in the classroom (elements) as well as comprehensive training packages (modules).
iconomix works with three level of difficulty: easy, intermediate and demanding
Intermediate to demanding
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Central bank, economic policy goals, economy, inflation, interest rate, monetary policy, price stability



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Credits for «Monetary policy» module


Authors and consultants

  • Yvan Lengwiler, University of Basel (model)
  • Mathias Zurlinden, SNB (review of content)

Educational consulting

Trial runs in class (pre-testing)
The previous version of Mopos 3.0 was trialled in 2007 by:

  • Felix Furtwängler, GYM de Beaulieu Lausanne
  • Pierre Lombardo, EPC de Lausanne
  • René Roth, Gymnasium Liestal
  • Teresa Zulli, KS Büelrain Winterthur

Programming of web application

Design of printed material

Translation & proofreading

  • SNB Language Services