Legal issues

Copyright and trademark law

The content available on the website and in the associated web applications is predominantly protected by copyright or other protective rights and is the sole property of the Swiss National Bank (hereinafter ‘SNB’) or other specifically named rights holders.

The information and data made available on the website may be stored, printed, translated and transmitted for non-commercial purposes, provided that they are not altered and reference is made to the source. If the information or data are modified by users, this has to be explicitly mentioned. 

If the information or data are identifiable as coming from external sources, users of such information or data are obliged to respect any existing copyrights and to obtain the corresponding rights of use from these external sources. 

Articles and comments in our blog archive on the Iconomix website reflect the views of the respective authors and do not necessarily represent those of the SNB. 

The SNB is the owner of the word mark and combined word and figurative mark ‘Iconomix’. 

Data protection

In accordance with Swiss data protection legislation, our Privacy Policy informs users of about the type, scope and purpose of the collection and use of personal data.