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The values of iconomix

Iconomix is committed to the following principles:

01. Absence of commercial or political interests

The Swiss National Bank (SNB) launched the web-based economics teaching programme in 2007 on the occasion of its 100th anniversary.

Iconomix is aimed at teachers of economics and humanities in upper secondary schools. The programme includes teaching units that can be downloaded or ordered for free.

The SNB, as the sponsor of iconomix, is a public-law institution with a legal mandate: to pursue a monetary policy serving the interests of the country as a whole.

The aim of iconomix is to improve knowledge of economics among the population at large. The SNB has no commercial or political interest in the programme.

02. Open content (public domain)

The entire content of iconomix is available free of charge to anyone with internet access.

There are two restrictions:

  1. Certain services are subject to a fee. Currently, game accessories and other material are sent by post (free of charge) only to teachers actively working in Switzerland. Iconomix reserves the right to introduce a fee in future to contribute to the cost of this mailing service. Training courses cannot be provided free of charge.
  2. A user account for is required in order to view or download sample answers. Active teaching staff working in Switzerland can apply for an account.
03. Integration into the school context; social learning

The iconomix teaching programme is designed for use in schools. It seeks to use the potential offered by learning in an institutional and social context. Support from teachers is essential.

04. Balanced and diverse educational content

The basic economic principles communicated by iconomix are presented under Basic economic principles. The content reflects the current state of the art.

Care is taken to ensure a balanced mix of topics reflecting the broad diversity of economics. There are, for example, units both on market efficiency and on market failure. For each iconomix teaching unit, an independent second opinion has been obtained from a qualified specialist not involved in the creation of the tool.

The aim of the iconomix teaching material is to encourage debate. After all, there are always going to be a number of economic issues that are controversial both among the general public and in academic circles.

05. Use in conjunction with existing printed material

Iconomix has a modular structure and is designed for use in conjunction with existing teaching material. Teachers can use individual iconomix elements either on their own or in combination with existing teaching material. As a service for teachers, iconomix often ties in with standard textbooks or other resources.

06. Cooperation and practical testing

In setting up and developing iconomix, the SNB has been cooperating with various partners from the field of education. Before going live, each new iconomix unit is tested in class by teachers working at upper secondary schools. Feedback from users is welcomed and systematically evaluated.

07. Free of advertising

Iconomix does not contain any product promotion. As a service for teachers, it merely provides pointers to suitable teaching materials, external resources (websites, videos, apps, infographics, articles, books) and training events.

The SNB does not accept any funding from companies, parties or interest groups.

08. Data protection

When ordering iconomix material, submitting registration requests, signing up for training events or completing online questionnaires, users may be prompted to submit information for certain procedures. Data provided will be treated confidentially by iconomix. In particular, these data will not be forwarded to third parties without the express consent of the persons concerned.

To improve the service, visits to the website are recorded for statistical purposes. The information stored contains no personal data and cannot be traced back to users.

09. Three national languages

The iconomix training programme is available in the three main Swiss languages: German, French and  Italian. There is also a condensed English version.

10. Long-term development and updates

The iconomix training programme is designed for the long term. Accordingly, the contents are reviewed and updated on a regular basis.